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Asphalt Repair And Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Asphalt Repair And Infrared Asphalt Restoration All Pro Asphalt

Asphalt repairs are commonplace among property and commercial business owners. As asphalt ages and falls into disrepair it is critical that asphalt repair and infrared asphalt restoration be taken care of in a timely manner. Not only do potholes and other defects reflect poorly on your business, they can also be a serious liability and safety hazard to anyone who comes onto the property.

We Specialize In Asphalt Repair And Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Introducing Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Infrared Asphalt Repair Kansas CityAll Pro Asphalt is pleased to introduce infrared asphalt restoration as our primary method of addressing asphalt defects. Infrared is a leading technology in asphalt repair and can be performed year round in most cases.

With the infrared process we can achieve a seamless repair that blends beautifully with the existing pavement.

Infrared is a great alternative to conventional sawcut and remove patching. The process is completed in  a much shorter amount of time, usually 20- 30 minutes per plate heat. Infrared is  also very economical, costing up to 50% less than traditional asphalt repairs.

Infrared asphalt repairs are great for the environment as well, as we are able to recycle up to 75% of existing asphalt, which keeps us from throwing away usable product.

Seamless infrared repairs replace conventional repair methods, using the most innovative developments in the asphalt  industry. The final product is NOT a patch. Instead, infrared repairs are thermally bonded to the surrounding asphalt to create a seamless repair that blends beautifully after sealcoating

Infrared Asphalt Repair Process

  1. Position infrared panel over area to be repaired.
  2. Wait approximately 7-15 minutes for pavement to become 300 degree hot mix again. Time varies by ambient temperature.
  3. Rake area, remove top 1/4″ of asphalt, scarify remaining asphalt.
  4. Spray a highly specialized  rejuvenator on the existing asphalt  which restores lost fine oils that are present in new asphalt.
  5. Add virgin asphalt. Blend together and lute for proper elevation.
  6. Compact the area with a vibratory compactor, beginning with the edges to create  a thermal bond and seamless finish.
  7. Let restored area cool before opening up to traffic.

Advantages of Infrared Repair:

  • You end up with a seamless repair. The edges are thermally bonded together during compaction because there is no cold joint to butt up to.
  • The seamless joint eliminates water penetration and further damage to surrounding areas.
  • Unsightly raveling edges that create trip hazards are eliminated.
  • The entire process is cost effective compared to saw cutting and removing the area, and it does a better job.
  • The Asphalt Reclaiming Box allows us to be the only contractor who can apply regular asphalt in the winter season when the asphalt plants are closed.

Proper Applications of Infrared Repair:

  • Pot hole repair: with additional asphalt the process bonds the entire area together for a longer life repair.
  • High spots: easily removed by heating the area. No cutting involved.
  • Low areas: can be leveled and bonded with other asphalt.
  • Joints and overlaps: joints in pavement or over laps from partial overlays can be blended in and eliminated.
  • Oil spot removal: oil is burnt off in heating process asphalt is raked and recompacted for a perfect patch.
  • Alligator cracked areas: can be heated, asphalt added if needed, raked, recompacted. No high cost tear out or ineffective skim coats.
  • Speed Bumps can be fused to existing pavement to eliminate tires, snow plows, etc. from popping them loose.

Inappropriate Applications:

  • Areas that are pumping heavy mud and/or water.
  • Areas with inappropriate base beneath the asphalt.
  • Areas where pavement is too thin (less than 2″ before hitting rock.
  • Areas where pavement has completely failed and a full overlay is needed.

We feel this process will help us to better serve you. Asphalt Repair And Infrared Asphalt Restoration is a proven more efficient, longer lasting, cost effective way of repairing asphalt.

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